There is a long time that I thing about to create a blog. The idea is to concentrate the problems that I meet with informatic and that was diffcult to result.
Why not to put all these knowledges on a blog to, maybe, help another people?

It is also for my personal knowleadge about WEB languages and to learn more about the new WEB technologies as:

  • Javascript
    • Nodejs
    • Angularjs
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP
  • ...

Then finally here I am!

What about me?

My name is Cedric Bapst and I am a system engineer living in Switzerland.
I like WEB technologies, GNU/Linux, Apple OSX, scripting and coding.
I also like to learn, and grow-up my general knowledge with different informatic technologies.
I hope you will enjoy to spend time to read my articles.
Enjoy your time there!

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